8 Crypto Holiday Marketing Tips to Help You Stay on Top of the Game

The holiday euphoria has officially started and, as we are fast approaching the New Year, it‘s time to look back on the past year to learn more about what we can do more for our clients, colleagues, and also the business itself. What can we do to enhance the user experience, gain loyal customers, and hop on this last train to boost sales before the end of the year?

Here are some crypto holiday marketing tips that will help you stay on top of the game during this period.


8 Crypto Holiday Marketing Tactics

  1. Create holiday-inspired content. Feel that holiday spirit in the air? Now is the time when people get emotional and when special bonds are created. Put out holiday-inspired content to bring yourself closer to your audience and emphasize the things that tie you together.


  1. Give special thanks to the most loyal customers. Weeks marking the end of the year are the perfect opportunity for your crypto company to reflect on this year’s success and strengthen your relationship with clients. Repeat customers are valuable to every business and should be cherished. Surprise them by sending a special thanks card, credit for future purchases, exclusive membership, or physical presents as a token of gratitude.


  1. Organize contests. Contests are a fun and cost-effective way to promote your business and make someone happy at the same time. Spend some time contemplating what kind of contest would help you get more followers, build awareness or increase the purchase. That can be an airdrop where you give away your native tokens in exchange for a follow and retweet, or a quiz where the winners get your products/services for free.


  1. Inspire gift sharing by introducing digital gift cards. Gift cards are very often used as a present in the holiday season. Make it easier for people looking to buy presents for their loved ones by creating a gift card option. This move will help your blockchain business get more customers and help your brand spread crypto influence at the same time.


  1. Give to charity. The best way to show gratitude for this year‘s success is to help others. Show your human side, and do your part for society by giving a share of your profits to a humanitarian cause. This will not only help the people in need but also help you make more impact as a brand, and raise your profile in the eyes of your employees and customers.


  1. Offer free shipping. If your blockchain company sells a physical product like cryptocurrency wallets, or ATMs, for example, give potential buyers a little nudge by providing free shipping.


  1. Do a mini-makeover of your website for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday marketing campaign to boost the engagement and user experience. Make your landing pages and logo specially designed for this occasion, change your social media profile and cover photo and give them all a touch of that holiday feeling.


  1. Promote. Last but not least, make sure people see what you are up to by promoting your holiday-themed activities on available online channels. Amplify their visibility by announcing them with press releases, advertising them, sharing on social media, or you can write a guest post where you give an insight into your offer.


Are you getting ready to kick off your crypto holiday marketing campaign for this time before the end of the year? Make sure you announce it on a big door with a crypto press release. Contact us for more information at [email protected].

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