Blockchain News Announcements That Grab Attention

Every crypto press release or blockchain news announcement is written to notify the media about events in the hope that journalists will find it newsworthy enough to write about.

Established brands in the crypto space make headlines with announcements to introduce a new CEO, introduce the opening of a new office, etc.

But companies that are about to embark on this journey and are still in the process of establishing their position need to take a different approach. They need to focus on announcements that will make them stand out and make an impact on the blockchain public.

Use these types of blockchain news announcements while brainstorming your next campaign to increase the likelihood of your story being published on popular news outlets.


Types of Blockchain News Announcements


1. Promote blockchain news announcements when partnering up with other crypto and non-crypto companies

Partnerships are the real accelerator of the blockchain industry, and we already discussed the positive impact they have on businesses.

You will notice, in the examples below, that all these announcements are, in one way or another, a result of a successful partnership.

Truth be told, the chances of making headlines are better if the company you are partnering up with is an established brand. Perhaps even more so when it‘s a collaboration with a non-crypto organization that wants to improve the way they operate by adopting blockchain technology.

That is the kind of news that makes a positive impact on the blockchain community and that is sought after by industry observers. 

A Visa partnership with Anchorage, announced earlier this year, not only presented a positive sentiment of future wide adoption of cryptocurrencies, but was the kind of partnership that made a difference. It’s precisely the kind of newsworthy event that would stir interest in business circles, which explains why it got picked up by Reuters, Techcrunch, Businesswire, Fortune, and many more.


2. Share the results of your original research to market your blockchain project

A good way to attract journalist attention is to conduct original research. You can do it on your own or by outsourcing an organization that specializes in that field. Empirical research and case studies draw attention, especially if they contradict established opinion or introduces unique new findings.

Sharing the research is beneficial for journalists because it gives them factual evidence that lends credibility to their news stories. What’s more, publishing original research can position you as an authority in the field, resulting in a positive impact on your SEO efforts and getting you seen by more potential clients.

Blockchain payment provider BitPay has a good practice of publishing their own case studies and also those in partnership with professional research companies.


3. Ride on trending topics to create innovative blockchain news announcements

When something is trending, journalists fight to be the first to cover it, as it is something that their readership will find useful. That is why you should follow the news, see what is trending and see how your organization fits within the narrative of those stories.

For example, less than two weeks ago, we celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day, and a team behind the PizzaDAO project, in partnership with US-based pizza ordering service Slice, announced a 1-million pizza slice giveaway, making the headline on CoinDesk.

You can also use a topic that is trending over a long period. Over the last decades, climate change has become a burning topic and in the past several weeks, we have seen how concerns about Bitcoin‘s perceived inefficiencies in energy use caused the whole cryptocurrency market to plummet.

The exchanges FTX and BitMEX responded to this trend by committing to carbon neutrality, becoming a news topic in many blockchain mainstream outlets like CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and Cointelegraph.


4. Make an important contribution to attract attention from blockchain enthusiasts

Another important type of blockchain news announcement is when a company contributes to the greater good. That could be a charitable cause or a solution your company provides that the blockchain community can profit from on a larger scale. 

Last month, Much project announced a $1 million milestone in charitable donations and the news got picked up by Cointelegraph.When KuCoin got hacked last year, the team behind PARSQ joined forces with the exchange to help parties affected in a hack attack. The announcement caught the attention of the media and earned them mentions in Entrepreneur, among other cryptocurrency magazines and news outlets.


Final Thoughts

No matter your company’s stance, putting yourself out there by offering a high-quality service, providing impactful and meaningful contributions or making partnerships for the greater good, are all great ways to improve your chances at media attention. The key here is to view your news story from the perspective of others looking for value, asking yourself: “Would I want to read this story if I were a regular reader?”

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