Building Much-Needed Trust in the Blockchain Industry – How to Build Confidence With Your Crypto Clients

Have you ever walked on a glass floor in a tall building? Then you know those first wavering steps before you are certain that the floor will hold and you won’t plummet to the ground without the security of a well-packed parachute. Excuse the artistic liberties, but conducting business on the blockchain in 2012 felt very much like that and still does, to some extent, today.

It is an issue of trust. Your crypto clients are sending uninsured money from their well-coddled budgets into the ether to your blockchain company, One that they often only know from your website and that may or may not be located in a completely different jurisdiction.

Your ability to get your crypto clients to place their trust in you may very well make or break your blockchain company. Here are the 5 most effective ways to build trust with your crypto clients. 


  1. Be transparent. Your potential crypto customer should be able to find the information on your website or social media within seconds. We are talking about crypto company information, policies, pricing charts, previous work and testimonials from previous clients that already trust your company.  
  2. Your remote blockchain team is the real deal. It is easier to trust someone when you have a face and a voice. Mend the virtual gap by adding a team section with bios, pictures, and LinkedIn links. Post personal quotes from your team across your social media channels.

    Another important part is to be available and personable in all interactions with your crypto audience. Provide personal chat channels on Telegram, take video calls and/or invite them to virtual events such as panels or round table discussions. This applies to how you interact on social media as well and how you respond to questions or concerns. 

    There can be valid reasons why some blockchain based companies choose not to post their personal information all over the internet. Protection from hacks is one if the company is, say, a cryptocurrency exchange. Another could be risk of extortion or kidnapping if it is clear that the person is likely to hold large assets in crypto currency. If this is the case, do what you can and strengthen your presence on other points.  
  3. Customer service is key for any blockchain business. Your crypto clients won’t be able to walk up to the counter and talk to a real person so we need to compensate for the lack of that personal touch. Look over your customer service strategy:

    – Could you be easier to reach?
    – Could you speed up replies and turnover times for delivery?
    – Can you offer more personal service?
    – Are your team members building proper rapport with clients?
    – Are you following up? e.g., checking if the client is happy with their product.

    As explained above, the tone you present is important too so make sure to stay clear of generic messages. Show that you are listening to your client and addressing their unique wants and needs. 
  4. Implement a KLT strategy in your blockchain business (from one nerd to a potential other, do not confuse it with the C programming implementation). KLT, in this instance, stands for Know, Like, Trust. It can be implemented for most things such as social media, networking and content but is very useful as an overall strategy for your businesses. The basic concept is to provide enough information for your client to know your business, enough similarities for them to like your concept and product, and enough actions to prove that they can trust you.

    Want to know more? We’re scheduling a separate post on this topic in about three weeks.  
  5. Show tangible evidence of what to expect. Customer testimonials and reviews aside, there are plenty of ways to show your potential crypto client what they can expect doing business with you. It can be video prompts of the product, examples of reports, awards, articles, influencers doing unboxing videos or figures that clearly state the expected ROI (Return on Investment). 

With that said, we are all in this industry together; your crypto clients, just like you, choose cryptocurrencies for a reason. The insecurities that naturally come with the blockchain territory is the reason why building trust with your crypto clients is more important for you than in other traditional markets. On the flipside, your clients are more likely to be progressive and forward thinking just like your company.

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Disclaimer: This blog post does not contain investment advice or legal advice and should be seen as a thought-provoking piece for entertainment purposes only. This is an outlet for cherished team members to share their opinions and interests. Individual contributors of this blog do not represent the official opinions of Bitcoin PR Buzz.

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