Important Questions to Ask Your Future Blockchain Marketing Agency

Choosing an experienced and highly skilled blockchain marketing agency is not an easy task, especially if the goal is to establish a long lasting relationship. You should not be afraid to shop around, a good agency will be happy to answer your questions. That is why we have compiled a list of questions to help you find the perfect match for your company. A heartfelt thank you to the hundreds of inquisitive clients that helped inspire this list.


Who is our main point of contact in the blockchain marketing agency, and what is their expertise? The importance of this may vary based on the service you are looking at and the budget you are moving around, but having a person to contact and to look after your particular interests is not only helpful and time-saving but will also instill a sense of ownership and responsibility. If you limit the number of contacts, you will also make sure that the person that you are talking to is knowledgeable about your campaign now and in the future. Asking about their experience is a good way to suss out if you are working with an expert in their field or a customer service rep.

How will your agency’s particular experience benefit us? This is a classic “why should we choose your blockchain marketing agency?” question and may seem arbitrary as this is probably outlined on the website but you will be able to tell a lot from the way they choose to answer. Will they clap back with numbers, or do they have a more customer service-centered approach? Neither is necessarily good or bad but it will help you to figure out what kind of relationship to expect.

Proof of work?
Pun intended, transparency, and trust is extra important in an industry where anonymity still rules, currency is uninsured and businesses are in jurisdictions all over the world. Reap the benefits of this world-altering industry while keeping safe by asking for validation. You could ask for previous reports, references, or other resources that could back up the company’s claim. You could also reach out to parties associated with the service if they list them on the website and ask about their experience working for or with the service. Of course, the amount of clients and how long they have been in business could also be an indicator that this blockchain marketing agency offers a reliable service with happy returning customers.

How will success be measured? Far from all marketing services are able to provide numbers for ROI as many marketing agencies are striving for long-term results or will be focusing on a particular area of the buyer’s journey. However,  all of them will have a way to measure the success of the campaign in one way or another. Ask for specifics or an example in advance.

5 more questions to ask if you are paying a blockchain marketing agency for a crypto related service:

  • What does the payment process look like?
  • Which cryptocurrency payment options does your blockchain marketing agency offer?
  • What kind of receipt can I expect?
  • What options are there if there are extreme fluctuations when our payment is due?
  • What policies do you have for returns if the market is changing? Eg. is it based on the crypto market or a fiat currency such as USD. 


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