3 powerful NFT marketing channels that you should consider

As of early 2023, even many observers who are not utterly immersed in all things the blockchain are becoming familiar with what non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are. 

We are in a landscape, after all, in which the biggest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, has been valued at more than $13 billion, and in which NFT trading volumes are in the tens of billions of dollars. Indeed, it is expected that the NFT market will be worth approximately $60 billion by 2031. 

More and more brands are coming to launch NFTs of their own, which in turn, is leading to the rise of NFT marketing as its own field. 

But when you are looking to effectively promote your own brand’s digital assets, what are the NFT marketing channels that will best help you spread the word among the right people? 

We took a look at some of them. 

Social media 

Major social platforms like Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit can provide extremely powerful planks in your organisation’s NFT marketing strategy – not least because they are already home to many thriving crypto communities. 

Of those social networks, Twitter is likely to be an especially good starting point, given how easily the microblogging platform can enable you to cultivate a follower base that is likely to stick around. 

And by using such a platform effectively – through activities such as the sharing of press releases, the hosting of contests and giveaways, and the publication of videos setting out your NFT brand – you can build up that loyal follower count all the sooner. 

Blockchain advertising networks 

Some form of advertising is always likely to be key to impactful NFT marketing. However, some of the most immediately ‘obvious’ platforms to newcomers, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, might put restrictions on advertising that are less than helpful. 

Skilled and seasoned blockchain advertisers therefore know the value of looking beyond the more generic platforms for the promotion of their projects. And fortunately, at this stage, many somewhat specialised blockchain advertising networks have emerged that could be invaluable for maximising your project’s reach among the right audiences. 

Ad networks like Coinzilla, CoinGecko, Bitmedia, Notfin, and Ad Dragon can all play a part in a brand’s NFT marketing strategy, as can leading crypto news sites such as NewsBTC and CoinQuora. 

Press release distribution 

Press releases may almost seem ‘old-fashioned’ as a marketing channel. However, they have certainly proved their worth already in the sphere of NFT marketing, and it is anticipated that they will continue to do so. 

The distribution of press releases enables you to promote your NFT projects in your own words, on your own terms, while ensuring the most relevant eyeballs get to see what you have to say. They can therefore be invaluable for reputation management, and for persuading potential investors about the importance and value of your NFT project. 

If you need any convincing yourself of the value the right PR campaign could have in your broader NFT marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to check out our own press release packages. We can help ensure you get published in all the key places, including Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, NewsBTC, and so many more. 

Do you have any further questions about our press release distribution services and their relevance to your project? If so, you are welcome to enquire to our team by emailing [email protected] today. 


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