No Twitter For Your Blockchain Company? You’re Missing Out Big Time!

With a user base of 396.5 million, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms (No. 1 social media in Japan). But more importantly, Twitter is the social media where the crypto community is the most active and is where the most influential crypto figures hang out.

For most crypto users, Twitter is the first thing they open the moment they wake up to check the news and find out what is happening with the market. Not making use of the potential it holds would be a costly mistake for a blockchain company looking for recognition.


What is Twitter Good For?

Increase your online presence. When people search for companies online, their Twitter account usually pops on the top of the page. For example, when we type in “Bitcoin PR Buzz” in Google, our Twitter account is in second place, right after the website. Additionally, when people see you and follow you on Twitter, they are more likely to visit your website as well. So why not use this additional layer of visibility to your advantage? 

Build trust. An active presence on social media is a good sign that the blockchain company is up and running. If you have an active crypto community engaging and sharing your content, potential clients will be more likely to see this as an indication that your company is more trustworthy.

Customer support. Today’s customers often come to social media to resolve issues or make inquiries about the product/service, as they prefer direct contact with a company representative who can solve their problems faster. Twitter is an ideal additional channel for customer support, making yourself more available for customers who need you. Some big companies like Binance go a step further, creating an additional Twitter account dedicated to customer support.

Analytics. Twitter can be a great tool to discover trending topics by looking at popular hashtags. You can also use analytics to see which content performs best, which posts people open or like, so you can tailor your strategy accordingly.


Twitter Strategies Blockchain Companies Can Use

There are many strategies you can use on Twitter but before implementing anything, don‘t forget to set clear and measurable goals. Do you want to increase exposure? Or are you after more sales? Do you simply want more crypto followers? 

Here are some strategies that we’ve found to be helpful:

Diversify your blockchain content. On Twitter, you can use different types of content such as polls, infographics, memes, host live events, and airdrops. You can even ask your audience open questions. Try them all out and use the analytics tools to see what works best for your audience.

Giveaways are a popular strategy that blockchain companies use to reach and incentivize audiences. They are cost-effective, easy to organize, bring a lot of organic engagement, and attract more visitors.

Connect. Thanks to Twitter, you can build a relationship with blockchain influencers and journalists who can promote your business. You also build rapport with your customers, as well as potential clients. Find relevant contacts, follow them and show them that they matter. Engage with their content, tag them in your announcements, share their publications, ask them relevant questions, give recommendations.

Use hashtags. Hashtag popularity spread rapidly from Twitter to other social media platforms. They make your content more searchable and grouped among the posts relevant to your audience. Thanks to hashtags, you can see what is trending on Twitter and use the trending tags to boost your visibility. But if you have a strong crypto community, you can create a branded hashtag campaign to make your social listening easier or even get your blockchain company trending.



Twitter is the perfect medium to showcase your blockchain company, communicate with customers, and gain insight into industry trends. So spend your time building your Twitter account and it will pay off greatly in the long run. You can thank us later.

How does Twitter serve your blockchain business? What strategies do you use?

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