Why Bitcoin PR Buzz Is My Family

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Getting fired was the best thing to have ever happened to me.

The summer of 2017 was starting out to be the highlight of my career. I had just landed a job as the head of HR for the largest furniture manufacturer in my city.

As an engineer who had migrated to Human Resources, the pay was fantastic considering I had no formal HR certification and the head office was just 15 minutes drive from my home. I did not only feel like a big shot, I was the big shot.

Yet just three months down the road, I was fired for failing to deliver on the unrealistic demands of the management.


Wings Of Icarus

Once I got over the initial shock (I had never been fired before in my life), I got right down to job hunting. I had a couple of months of savings and I believed that was enough time to get a job, even a temporary low-paying one, to get the ball rolling. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Four months later, I was still searching and was bankrupt. I would lock myself in my room for days, contacting everyone I knew, begging them to hire me on the lowest position in HR. It would have been a disgraceful fall from being a lead to the least but it was acceptable. I registered on numerous job portals, applying for every vacancy I would even remotely fit in. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any demand for an engineer in HR.

One time, as I purchased groceries (my wife paid for it from her meager salary), I realized I had not eaten anything for more than a day because whatever I could scrounge up would be for my family. The cheapest thing I could get for myself was a small bag of chips, costing less than half a dollar. As I sat in the car going through the tiny snack, I was crying as each chip I ate was a morsel stolen from my then three-year-old daughter.


Blockchain Exposure

As a kid, I had always been excited about technology. Raised in the pre-internet generation, I would go through every magazine and newspaper’s technology section. As I browsed different websites for job ads, I would try to distract myself from chronic depression by browsing tech platforms. The meteoric rise of Bitcoin, an elusive digital currency, caught my eye.

A couple of weeks later, I felt I had enough knowledge gathered to be somewhat of an authority on it. A bit of coaxing by a relative and a little Googling revealed that top freelancing websites had a huge market for content writers in that area. Long story short, I found I had a natural talent for creating content that blockchain developers and platform teams found good enough. By the turn of the new year, I was making enough money to at least feed my family.

The real big break came at the start of February of 2018 when that very person who coaxed me to check out cryptocurrencies asked me if I could do a high-quality article for him as he was overloaded.


Bitcoin PR Buzz: My New Family

The article turned out to be one for BPRB and a few days later, I was brought on board by this wonderful team of dedicated crypto marketing experts and officially penned an article for them on Valentine’s, 2018. I haven’t looked back since. Their trust in my abilities led me to perform for them, allowing me to provide for my family. I was fulfilling my role as a husband and a father once again. I even decided to pursue an Executive MBA, graduating last year.

Three years have passed and I have never been happier working for the team — nay, my family. From being a dedicated writer to a salesperson, they have always supported me, no matter how badly I did. I kid you not: any other team would have cut me loose for being the worst salesman ever. You don’t lay off a family member. I brought in my first sales after nearly two years of trying. Tell me of a more caring company and I will call it a lie!

Spanning continents and transcending boundaries, BPRB is a living organism, a true representation of decentralization. Working across five different time zones and as many countries, we are made up of people with different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Our diversity and differences give us strength. They have even asked my opinion on strategic decisions, placing me right beside the big players.  We are the human equivalent of blockchain.

Each person, from the top C guys (CEO, COO, CTO) right down to the jokester me, has the deepest of respect, love and care for one another. My eldest daughter, now nearly six, is always pestering me to let her talk to the CEO, Alex. She knows him not as my boss, but as my friend.

I could write odes on each member of BPRB that can span the existence of humankind itself. They were there for me in my darkest hours and have always supported me, no matter what role I wanted in the organization.

Let me sum it up: my 14-year career has seen me spend an average of 18 months before switching jobs. I have been working twice that duration with BPRB and I will never need to apply for a job anywhere else.

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