Why You Should Hire a Blockchain Marketing Agency  

A blockchain marketing agency understands your product and your target audience and can help you reach a new level of success as an extension of your team. 

As someone that loves marketing, even I have to admit that not many people think of marketing when dreaming up a company. You’d have the product, a team of like-minded individuals and funding for this brilliant idea. You may even have the packaging, virtual or physical, thought out to the last pixel; but marketing? Probably not.

Like many others have, you might be faced with the conundrum of being too small to justify an in-house marketing department yet being too big to let developer Charles handle marketing all on their own. Because let’s face it, despite a dabbling interest in marketing, developer-Charles wants to develop and improve your product. He’d rather not frantically Google basic marketing tasks only to resort to alt-control-delete before a big product launch.

You may even be at the stage where you already have a marketing expert and a social media manager on board, that is great! Despite this advantage, however, marketing is a massive undertaking with a significant impact on your current and future success. It is a multi-faceted task too complex for one or two people to tackle alone. At some point, your crypto company will have to look for a blockchain marketing service to function as an extended part of your team.


10 Reasons to Hire An Expert Blockchain Marketing Agency

1. Working with a blockchain marketing team is cost efficient. It may not seem like it at first when considering the initial outlay but investing in an external marketing agency will lower the payroll costs in the long term when compared to paying in-house marketing team salaries, benefits, employer fees, tools and all the other resources they will need. You can adjust your marketing efforts to suit your budget as it changes. Hiring an external team also means no inbound training or expensive and time-consuming learning curves. Instead of paying tax for your employees, you may even be eligible for tax reductions.

2. Marketing services are an investment in the future. The goal for marketing across the board is most often to establish your brand and make a permanent mark on the market. This will not only help you short term but also set you up for future success. A blockchain marketing agency can help you to set up long-term PR goals, quite often for free to bank on your future collaboration, thus making hiring a blockchain marketing agency a sound investment for the future.

3. Hiring a blockchain marketing agency will free up your time. As a key member of your team, you are critical to the development of other areas of your business and building toward future successes. Even if marketing is your role, as an expert in both your company and your field, you’re much more valuable to your company as an organiser and strategist than as an implementer.

4. Outsourcing time-consuming tasks helps you use resources more efficiently. Related to the last point but important enough to deserve its own paragraph, is the fact that even if you want to handle the majority of your PR yourself, some tasks are just too time-consuming to be worth it. We covered one of these tasks in last week’s post Paying for Sponsored Content or Pitching Directly to Journalists – Which is Better? You are a limited resource, so use yourself more efficiently!

5. A blockchain marketing agency is a specialised team in a specialised industry. This is, in fact, the very reason why Bitcoin PR Buzz launched in the first place. Mainstream PR sites had a hard time understanding the technology that we are so very passionate about. Working with a team that can meet you at your level is a key to success in any specialised industry.

6. Your business becomes more flexible. A well-established and experienced blockchain marketing agency will have worked with all kinds of clients within your industry, facing all sorts of circumstances; thus, they will be able to adapt, pause or speed up the process in a way that an in-house team cannot. Another area that will be more flexible is budgeting — whether you’re experiencing a sudden growth spurt or tightening the belt, a good marketing team will be able to adapt to your needs and budget.

7. Blockchain marketing agencies are in touch with industry developments. What worked yesterday may not work today. Better tools come to the market, legislation changes and trends come and go. A marketing agency has a single field of expertise and will be able to adapt to any changes, offering you the best and most relevant services.

8. You get an outside perspective on your PR strategy and brand image. Passion and knowledge about a product and business go a long way in marketing. However, it is easy to get too close to see the big picture. In any case, you won’t be able to see the product as your customer would. Considering that the agency are people working in your field in contact with companies within your niche and you will find out just how valuable it can be to get an outsider’s perspective and a much-needed infusion of fresh ideas. 

9. You can access experts in all areas of marketing as you need them, for the duration you need them. Marketing is an umbrella term for all sorts of PR endeavors. It includes a massive amount of different types of marketing such as content marketing, traditional marketing, SEO, social media, inbound and outbound marketing, digital marketing and influencer marketing. I could easily mention 15 more off the top of my head and these are just categories! You have specialities within them as well, for example, some influencer marketers may work exclusively with YouTube while others focus on social media.

I think that speaks for itself — having people on the team that are masters in all 40-ish different categories of marketing is probably not an option for most of us. Some of these you may never need, some you might need on an ongoing basis while others can be useful to implement before a big push. Luckily, there are experts out there accessible to you as and when you need them.

10. You can adapt the services you use as you grow. These years of pandemic working  have taught us a lot of things, among them how quickly things can change and how devastating change can be to businesses. On the other hand, the many bull runs of Bitcoin have taught us just how very quickly they can grow as well. Hiring a blockchain marketing service gives you the option to change strategies, shop around, pause or speed up as needed. You can work with one agency or several, some on retainer and others on a campaign basis, whatever you need as your company grows


For some reason, the word agency has always made me think of a smoked-in brown office with a brown carpet and a somber man behind his desk, far from the persona of modern marketing agencies. Luckily, thanks to modern times and brown carpets no longer in fashion, an agency is simply a specialized team that are enthusiastic about leveraging their experience and networks to help your company excel. This stage of the digital era makes it easier than ever to find a blockchain marketing agency to suit all your marketing needs. Bottom line, a marketing agency is a great way to achieve tangible results, with a fixed budget, in limited time

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