DEXFIN’s European Digital Asset Exchange Launch Is Almost Upon Us

Bitcoin Press Release: The new DEXFIN European digital asset management platform will soon launch, offering benefits from its tokenized business model including affiliate and staking income. 


21st October 2020, Prague, Czech Republic – The revolutionary crypto company, DEXFIN,has announced the launch of its new European digital asset management and trading exchange. The exchange will act as a one-stop solution for purchasing, trading and managing digital assets. 


DEXFIN will launch its digital asset exchange (in beta) on November 25th, 2020, leading up to the full version in December 2020. Users of the new exchange will be able to profit from staking tokens while also taking advantage of other tokenization benefits like heavily reduced fees, affiliate returns and a percentage share of newly listed tokens. 

The Benefits of Tokenization

Tokenization is a popular form of crowdfunding that enables new companies the freedom to increase their opportunitiesright from the inception stage, while simultaneously offering an exciting investment opportunity to all levels of participants. Tokenization covers many areas of investments, including private equity shares, stocks and bonds, real estate, precious metals and the fine arts. 


DEXFIN’s blockchain-based business model is constructed around circular tokenomics which enables companies to raise finances globally, continuously and compliantly. DEXFIN’s new European Digital Asset Exchange connect clients with promising projects, streamlining complicated company capitalization processes for individual investment. 

Passive Income & The DEXFIN Token (DXF)

The DXF Exchange Token is designed so users can own a percentage of the DEXFIN infrastructure and gain access to special offers, benefits and discounts, including: 


  • Obtain up to 40% from fees generated through an affiliate link.
  • Get up to 50% off fees on the DEXFIN platform.
  • Receive up to 11% annual interest when holding DXF tokens.
  • Trade DXF tokens on open markets and redeem tokens for services provided by DEXFIN or other users of the platform.
  • Gain a percentage share from the newly listed tokens on the DEXFIN platform.

DEXFIN Staking

The DEXFIN Exchange offers users attractive passive income incentives with DXF token staking. The exchange provides annual returns of up to 11% by staking between 10,000 and 5,000,000 DXF tokens for 12 months. Stakers can have their earnings paid out in DXF, BTC or USDT. Moreso, users will not have to pay any fees. DEXFIN has announced it will add more assets for staking in upcoming phases. Robert Haluska & Kamil Brejcha, Co-Founders of DEXFIN stated:


DEXFIN is your one-stop solution to buy, store and manage your digital assets, profit from staking, save on fees, take advantage of tokenization and more. DEXFIN is building the infrastructure for the next generation of financial markets.”


DEXFIN Trading Platform

DEXFIN’s intuitive trading platform is designed for all levels of traders to purchase, trade and manage a broad range of digital assets from a single interface. These features are also coupled with very competitive fees and no added intermediaries. A one-stop mobile application for the platform will be available on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. 


Crypto ATMs and DEXFIN Security

The company is also making big moves in regards to assisting individuals in gaining physical access to cryptocurrency in Europe. This can be seen with their introduction of a network of proprietary payment terminals and Crypto ATMs with NFC technology. These innovative tools will pave the way for increased use of contactless NFC payment cards, apps and payment rings with NFC technology in Europe from 2021 and beyond. 


The DEXFIN platform infuses top level Czech security with unique technology that incorporates zero knowledge proofs, multi-party computation and post quantum resistant cryptography based on Schnorr signatures. 


The DEXFIN ecosystem offers exciting features, benefits and advantages over its competition, including 50% of fees, affiliate returns, 11% annual staking, and a share of newly listed tokens. 


When will you change the way you trade? Visit the DEXFIN website today.


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