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Crypto Daily is the leading crypto and blockchain news site that ‘bridges’ the gap between companies, users and enthusiasts.

Determined to achieve its media objectives in the most independent and extensive way possible, Crypto Daily operates under a symbiotic hybrid model, in which the support of the aforementioned stakeholders allows for much more diverse and interesting information to reach the masses, and under one banner.

Founded in 2017, Crypto Daily originally started as the world’s first free-to-publish crypto news platform, and operated under this model in response to what it deemed as the centralization of information by the largest media outlets. However, owing to the financial demands of running a full time media website, the free-to-publish model was not sustainable enough in which to continue bringing diverse content to the masses. For this reason, Crypto Daily has since opted for a new model which it believes will not only allow for more diverse news to reach the masses, but one which will allow for more companies and projects to get the coverage that they deserve. Quite simply, Crypto Daily is aiming to cover more news and information than what other outlets are currently providing, and through the unique benefits associated with Crypto Daily’s hybrid model, it is the outlet’s ambition to become the number one news and information resource for the crypto and blockchain sphere.


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