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EarnBet Disrupts Gambling Market Through New BeTheHouse Casino and BET Gaming Network 

Bitcoin Press Release: BeTheHouse announces the launch of its brand new casino with innovative games, generous promotions, 20% rakeback (coming soon!), and a commitment to purchase BET tokens. As a BET Gaming Network casino incubated by Stacker Ventures, BeTheHouse is expected to hit the mainstream market in record time. 


1st  March 2021, Curacao: Aurora Tech, the mastermind behind the decentralized and profit-sharing EarnBet casino, is now ready to welcome a new member to its disruptive BET Gaming Network. BeTheHouse represents the team’s newest addition to its network of innovative casinos, boasting exciting games, a unique leveling system, and tremendous benefits to BET token holders.


Introducing BeTheHouse

After one year in development, BeTheHouse is ready to hit the mainstream market. Unlike EarnBet, BeTheHouse does not record each betting outcome on the blockchain, yet it aims to leverage cryptocurrency to provide users worldwide with a diverse selection of award-winning games designed to facilitate user entertainment and profitability. Featuring support for plenty of cryptocurrencies, instant withdrawals, and a strong desire to benefit the crypto gambling market, BeTheHouse is expected to be a huge success. 

BeTheHouse will complement EarnBet’s value proposition by providing a unique leveling system which entails 20% rakeback and 120 levels to go through in exchange for free spins and other rewards. Moreover, players can expect no unnecessary wagering, playthrough, or withdrawal restrictions. With generous promotions, an incentivised affiliate program, and a bonus-centred leaderboard, BeTheHouse will play an important role in the evolution of cryptocurrency casinos. BeTheHouse also comes along with a STACK token mining incentive, giving players a chance to participate in the governance of Stacker Ventures. 


Announcing BeTheHouse’s Launch Promotions

To kickstart BeTheHouse’s ascension as one of the market’s best-known gambling platforms, the casino will hold a series of generous promotions. 

The Lucky Launch Draw entails a raffle that will reward one lucky winner with a massive pot of 10 ETH. Placing a bet during the casino’s first two weeks of activity translates into a raffle ticket, with the winner randomly selected during the third week. To gain eligibility, users must wager a minimum of $100 worth of cryptocurrencies. 

BeTheHouse is also hosting a daily ETH giveaway for 30 days, giving away a total of 30 ETH. To participate, users must simply play their favourite games and climb the leaderboard. The higher one’s position, the more ETH they’ll receive from the daily 1 ETH pot. 

As part of the referral promotion, BeTheHouse enthusiasts can make their voices heard in exchange for up to 10 ETH in prizes. As a leaderboard-based promotion, the more users a player refers, the higher their ETH reward will be. 

Last but not least, BeTheHouse is also announcing a Gleam giveaway starting from the 1st of March until the 1st of May. To win the grand prize of 10 ETH, users must tick off as many tasks as they can to increase their chances. Each task is worth one ticket, and one lucky winner will pocket it all. 


BeTheHouse’s Scope Within the BET Gaming Network

Developed as part of a strategic partnership with the BET Gaming Network and Stacker Ventures, a DAO startup incubator, BeTheHouse will enhance the BET token’s utility, marking the move from dividend-based valuation on EarnBet to market-wide utility for the crypto gambling sector. 

With this in mind, BeTheHouse will use 20% of its revenue to buy back BET tokens, adopting a deflationary mechanism that will introduce buy pressure to the market. Existing holders and EarnBet stakers will greatly benefit from this, as a reduced supply not only correlates to higher demand, but it also increases entry barriers for profit-sharing giving higher dividend payouts to existing holders.


How the BET Gaming Network Will Revolutionize the iGaming Industry

The BET Gaming Network (BGN) is best described as a group of blockchain-based platforms pursuing the advancement of the blockchain iGaming market. In doing so, BGN will oversee the launch of decentralized projects that uphold its core values – on-chain records, non-custodial deposits, and provable fairness. Furthermore, BGN will work with projects that hold white label licensing potential and mainstream-friendly casinos with lucrative incentives, all united under the $BET native network token. By leveraging strategic partnerships, BGN will facilitate financing, license acquisition, and software development. 

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